HI HERE is our response!

HI HERE is an App for mobile phones running Android and iOS.

HI HERE helps asylum seekers to reconstruct interrupted social networks. They register a personal profile and a map of their journey. Therefore, they are able to connect with dispersed friends and family members in Italy and all over Europe by filtering other users according to selected criteria, like their country of origin or the place and time of their initial aid reception.

HI HERE provides a platform for communication and information. First, NGOs have a wall where they can post announcements, events and offers of help. Refugees can access NGO news in nearby and/or diverse locations. Second, an informational session illustrates the basics of asylum law and asylum bureaucracy through schematics and simple tutorials. Information is available in four languages: Italian, English, French and Arabic.

HI HERE allows asylum seekers to raise their voices. They can provide ratings, write comments and post pictures in relation to certain categories of local services and service providers. Through HI HERE, asylum seekers are able to praise good practices or, alternatively, denounce critical cases, thereby providing a bottom-up monitoring of services.

HI HERE creates a community of asylum seekers providing mutual support. Users can post announcements seeking and offering some help. They can share events and any kind of opportunities. Through HI HERE, asylum seekers can, potentially, escape isolation and displacement, progressing towards psychological recovery and the reconstruction of self-esteem.

HI HERE works towards breaking down barriers and building social networks between refugee and host communities.